Chevron zigzag design

2019-06-18T07:30:25Z (GMT) by Florence Hawkins

This project is part of Ceres Artists in Residence at MoDa. The aim of the residency was to use objects from MoDA's collection as a starting point for exploration of natural prints and dyes with the aim of raising the awareness of sustainability in design research.

This design was both inspired by Chevron and Zigzag designs by Enid Marx, 1945-46.

This design is constructed with three main layers:
the background vertical colours stripes ( coreopsis, madder, lac and chlorophilin), the zigzags (red onions and soda ash) running across them and the smaller stripes ( iron, citric acid) scattered across in different directions.

This, with the overprinting of different colours and modifiers on the hemp silk produce a dynamic, yet gentle rhythm to the overall composition.

The hemp silk was mordanted before the dyeing process.

The pastes were made using a combination of bio-waste, plant extracts and modifiers.

The design was screen printed by hand, then steamed to fix the dyes and washed.