Handout Japanese Brush Dyeing(Hikizome) with Plant Dyes Mamiko Markham December 5th, 2017 ULITA

2018-06-13T10:54:36Z (GMT) by Mamiko Markham
Japanese Brush Dyeing(Hikizome) with Plant Dyes <br>Mamiko Markham December 5th, 2017 ULITA<br><br>The Silver Studio Collection at MoDA includes around four hundred Katagami, dating from the early nineteenth century. MoDA’s collection of Katagami is one of the significant public collections of Katagami in Britain.  <br><br>The process of using Katagami:<br>The fabric is first stretched using bamboo sticks (Shinshi). A Katagami stencil is placed on the fabric and past resist is applied. The Dyer uses a Hake brush to 'paint' dye on the fabric. This process is called 'Hikizome'.<br><br>In the UK, immersion dyeing has often been used after applying paste resists by Katagami stencil. Alternatively dye printing directly by Katagami stencil. However, traditional Katagami stencil use, from past to present, 'Hikizome', uses the Hake brush.   <br>This paper introduces the traditional 'Hikizome' workshop I gave at ULITA.