Wavy leaf design

2019-06-18T07:33:26Z (GMT) by Florence Hawkins
This project is part of Ceres Artists in Residence at The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA). The aim of the residency was to use objects from MoDA's collection as a starting point for exploration of natural prints and dyes with the aim of raising the awareness of sustainability in design research.

Design inspired by a 'Modernist linen sample in green' by Herbert J.Croft, 1934 and a Japanese katagami ' Waves', both from MoDA's archive collection.

Wavy leaf design is a repeat textile pattern composed of two main layers: the slylised shape of a leaf as a block colour and as a half tone.

The fabrics were mordanted before the dyeing process.

The screen-printing pastes were made using a combination of bio-waste, plant extracts and modifiers.

The design was screen printed by hand, then steamed to fix the dyes and washed.

From left to right:

• Wool dyed in dried elderberries. Screen printed with avocado and iron, buckhorn, brazilwood and citric acid.

• Silk dyed with eucalyptus. Screen printed with elderberries, citric acid, lac and citric acid.

• Linen dyed with eucalyptus. Screen printed with pomegranate and iron.

• Wool dyed in red cabbage. Screen printed with madder, acid citric and buckhorn.

• Cotton dyed with carrots tops. Screen printed with elderberries, buckhorn, chlorophyllin and soda ash.

• Linen dyed with red cabbage. Screen printed with rhubarb, cutch, weld, logwood and iron.