Winter 2 on linen.pdf

2019-05-21T14:23:05Z (GMT) by Lara Mantell

This project is part of Ceres Artists in Residence at The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA). The aim of the residency was to use objects from MoDA's collection as a starting point for exploration of natural prints and dyes with the aim of raising the awareness of sustainability in design research.

Winter design
2 colour repeat, with overprinting and papercut out details.

The textile designs were hand screen-printed, using natural dyes.

Winter design is one of my responses to a 1930’s Christmas card design, called Winter Afternoon, by the artist Gwen White.

The pattern is inspired by strong shadows, furrows of the ploughed field, and stark shapes of the trees.

The design can be repeated as a block repeat.

The images show the design printed in three different colourways, onto linen and wool.

2 Linen: Madder, Buckthorn, Brazilwood, Citric, Blackcurrant, Iron.

The design is printed, steamed to fix the dye-pastes, and washed by hand.

After steaming and washing out the dye colours change in brightness and intensity.

All fabric was mordanted prior to the print process.

All the print pastes were made using combinations of bio-waste and plant extracts.