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Living Wage Implementation in Adult Social Care: challenges, solutions and benefits

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posted on 2021-09-15, 13:44 authored by Andrea WernerAndrea Werner
This report explores the opportunities, challenges and barriers for the implementation of the real Living Wage (LW) in adult social care, based on in-depth interviews with social care providers offering a range of services (domiciliary care, care homes, day care, and specialist services), care workers / employees working for LW-accredited providers, and local authorities representatives.
The interviews with the social care providers show that the LW can be a viable pay strategy in the social care sector, in particular, where the organisation positions itself as a quality provider and employer, linking the LW together with quality of staff and subsequent quality of care.
The interviews with the care workers / employees show that the LW is something that makes a real difference to workers financially and psychologically, and confirm that the LW helps with staff retention, and is also likely to positively impact on staff morale and motivation.
Two case studies of local authorities show that local authorities have the potential to drive LW adoption through innovative implementation strategies, which includes smarter ways of organising and commissioning care, and linking LW implementation with a drive to improve the quality of social care provision.
Based on the insights gained from the research, the report proposes a number of recommendations to facilitate LW implementation aimed at care providers, local authorities and policy makers / government.



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