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Testing Times: An ethical framework and practical recommendations for COVID-19 testing for NHS workers

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posted on 2020-08-03, 10:04 authored by Roger KlineRoger Kline, Alberto Giubilini, Calum Mcgregor, Claire Whitehouse, Deborah Bowman, Jeremy DawsonJeremy Dawson, Jill MabenJill Maben, John Coggon, Jonathan MontgomeryJonathan Montgomery, Mary Dixon-Woods, Patricia Kingori, Robert Winston, Sean Ninan, Yasmin Gunaratnam, Zoë Fritz, Rebecca Kenny
THIS Institute has led an independent rapid-response project to develop an ethical framework for COVID-19 swab testing for NHS workers. Following work with an expert group and a stakeholder consultation, we identify ethical considerations and provide practical guidance and recommendations to identify good practice and support improvement.


Health Foundation’s grant to THIS Institute. It is also sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care and supported by the Wellcome Trust and the Academy of Medical Sciences.



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