katagami dot patterning plots

2019-06-20T11:30:39Z (GMT) by Alice Humphrey
Plots of katagami used for pattern analysis. Files with the extension .ggb open using the free software GeoGebra (available from www.geogebra.org/home). The .ggb files show the centroids of drilled or punched dots computed using imageJ analysis software to identify all cut elements with the data then manually edited in Excel to remove non-dot elements. Tiff files show the associated imageJ plot of all identified cut elements before manual editing.
Filenames are the accession number of the katagami, those with a K prefix are in the collection of MoDA; those without, in the collection of ULITA. .ggb filenames with a letter suffix indicate that the plot of a single katagami has been split over two or more files because of dataset size constraints within GeoGebra.

Part of the ACE-funded project: Katagami in practice: Japanese stencils in the art school